Ride Rover

ROVER provides inexpensive transportation to and from the Center for senior residents of Chester County. Average arrival time at the Center is around 10am, average pick-up time at the Center is between 2-3pm. Pick up and drop off times from each residence varies greatly.

New to ROVER? We can help you fill out the short form needed to get you signed up at the Center. Or, you can call ROVER directly: 484-696-3854 or toll free 877-873-8415. You can also sign up on their website: Krapf’s Coaches – Rover.

Regular rider? If you are already an established ROVER rider, please make sure you sign up by Wednesdays for the following week at the Senior Center so we can make your reservation. You can also schedule your ride by calling ROVER (numbers above), or through their website (link above).

Please note: if you require a lift to get you into the bus, the Center cannot make transportation reservations for you.